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Monday, March 20, 2006

Join Our LUG!

If any of you have listened to episode 18 of the LUG roundup you may have heard some crazy song about my local LUG at the end of it. There were some requests for the songwriter to put up the lyrics, so I figured that since I know the guy pretty well, I'd ask him for a copy ;)

"Join Our LUG"

It's sung to the tune of "Be Our Guest" from Disney's Beauty and the Beast or The Simpsons' popular re-interpretation sung by Mr Burns: "See My Vest".

Some use Windows XP,
Others, OS Ten,
The OS we are pushing for,
Is superior to them...

Join our LUG, join our LUG,
We're from Sydney, we get mugged,
Have a flame-fest on the SLUG list,
See whose patience is the longest.

Stibbons, Jaq, Rob and Mark,
ctd, our underage clerke.
Bruce and Ken and Grant and Jan and,
Pia, jdub: "Awesome, awesome!"

Installfests here, codefests there,
Monthly meetings are fun, I swear!
Erik, Lindsay, Matt and
All the rest!

LCA again,
Two-thousand and seven,
Join our LUG, join our LUG,
Join our LUG!

Distro wars, Fedora bores,
Most of us are Debian whores.
But Ubuntu on the desktop
Is the best!

So let's put out the word,
Linux ain't just for nerds,
Join our LUG, join our LUG,
(Oh please now won't you join it!)
Oh please, won't you join our LUG!

Here's a link to the original recording. ctd also wanted the backing music (which I did not create, but found somewhere =)).

A big thanks to MotherLUG for coming up with the competition idea and, of course, for all the great LUG roundups. Also thanks to purserj for the LA Updates and putting the mechanics into place for all of it to happen!

Finally, apologies for getting such a poorly sung song stuck in people's heads!