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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

WoW Adventures Volume MCXVII

So I've been leveling an alt, a dwarf warrior. I have to say, I used to think a warrior would be the most boring class -- but I'm finding it awesome! I love the idea of being the person in charge of making sure I'm the only one who gets hurt.

I played a number of Warsong Gulch games last night, which prompted this blog entry. I played about three or four games. Every time I played I topped the Alliance ladder, and around half the time I topped the combined ladder. Of course, the ladder ranks you by number of killing blows, which is not a true indication of everyone's contributions (boy did I recognise that when I PvP'd as a priest). We actually won one of our games as well -- which in my books is a huge achievement as the Horde generally dominate PvP. Especially WSG. Below are a few highlights:

When running over to the Horde base I saw a rogue off in the distance heading towards ours. As I got closer he stealthed. I took a guess at where he might be and tossed some dynamite there. He was barely in the blast radius, the damage he took causing him to unstealth. I charged him and it was all over shortly :)

I was involved in a side-skirmish one on one with a hunter in my base. His stupid pet was gnawing away at me but I ignored it. It was fairly evenly matched, yet as we both started getting low on health my hamstring debuff ran out on him (oops), so he wing clipped me and started to run off (his pet still drawing me closer to death). Realising a chase would eventually end in my death, I cocked my rifle and shot him in the back. He fell down face first into the ground, his pet disappearing. I was quite lucky as he still had 5% health. The shot barely killed him.

Both teams held each others flag. The Horde carrier was hiding somewhere unknown. At about the same time, someone found the Horde carrier (a rogue) but was by himself, losing the battle, and our flag carrier died, returning the Horde flag back to its base. The player who lost to the rogue was smart enough to notify us and click the map, indicating the hiding spot. Using tab selection I managed to find the rogue and take him out, returning our flag.

I proceeded back to the flag room and grabbed the returned Horde flag and started running back to our base. By then I had a few helpers with me, and it wasn't long before we ran into what seemed like the entire Horde team heading back just to kill me. There was an epic battle where I was running around like crazy, managing to take out people along with my friends, with a druid and priest managing to drop heals on me too! Eventually we thinned them down and I made a run for it, drinking a health potion to increase my chances. By the time I got back to the base our flag had been taken, so I had to camp. The druid stayed with me for a while, but then went off to help get a return.

It was tempting to drop concentration, but I kept at it (camping is hard because it's boring). Eventually a lone Horde rogue unstealthed behind me and started getting stuck into me. I immediately started running around him in circles so he wouldn't be able to see my back very well. He got my health down quite low but I took him out. I then requested some backup and the druid and a hunter came back for me.

Soon after our team managed to return our flag, but some horde were reading to grab it again! As soon as it was returned I ran a few metres to cap it, but there is a slight delay (as I discovered). I need to stand there for a few seconds before it will register as a cap. As I was standing there a Horde player ran through me and grabbed our flag right from under our nose! Reinforcements came in just in time to help us take him down, but another Horde grabbed the flag in the exact same fashion straight after! Eventually we got on top of things and I was able to make my first WSG cap!

We started that game losing 0-1 but came back to win 3-1. My cap was our number 2. The game was lengthy -- I think I got over 100 honourable kills in that one alone.

It's almost tempting to leave this character at level 19 just for low-level BG PvP purposes! Suffice to say, I have discovered warriors are fun.

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