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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Whitelist Twitter emails on Postfix

Unfortunately it seems that Twitter's email servers often end up listed on RBLs like SpamCop, which I use for spam filtering. This means my email account holders don't get emails about direct messages, new followers and other ego-building things like that.

Here's a simple way to white-list these emails for Postfix:
  1. Create a new file /etc/postfix/ip_whitelist with the following contents: OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK

    These map from to, which seem to be all they have for now.

  2. Run: postmap /etc/postfix/ip_whitelist

  3. Edit your /etc/postfix/ file to include the IP whitelist. Find the line where you have your RBL checks, e.g.:
    and add the following line above them:
    check_client_access hash:/etc/postfix/ip_whitelist

  4. Restart Postfix.

These vital emails should now get through to your psychologically fragile account holders.

1 comment:

Marcel said...

Thanks dude, this helped me a lot :)